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An insight into our fees and pricing

Not many agencies will be as transparent as us around fees and pricing. That’s because the usual response is ‘it depends’. And it does depend. But we also have plenty of experience to provide some insight and an indication of what to expect when you commission us to manage your campaign.

Our campaigns usually fall into one of these brackets.


Our core service aims to amplify your existing content and messaging through key channels. The emphasis is on building and engaging new audiences, as well as driving website traffic.

  • Full discovery and strategy session, with detailed communication strategy and campaign blueprint.*
  • Working with a project & account manager, and a specialist in-house consultant
  • Creation of platform specific content(non-video)
  • Ongoing monthly management
  • Monthly reporting calls and weekly updates
  • For ad spend budget of up to £2,000 pm

Our fee: £2,250 – £3,950 pm


A blended approach allows for multiple channels to be employed in a cohesive and aligned way. There is an emphasis on engaging with audiences, building awareness and driving traffic from multiple sources.

  • Full discovery and strategy session, with detailed communication strategy and campaign blueprint.*
  • Project & account manager, consultant and senior consultant
  • Creation of platform specific content, including light video production
  • Ongoing platform management
  • Monthly reporting calls with weekly updates
  • For ad spend budget of up to £5,000 pm

Our fee: £4,000 – £6,950 pm

Full Service

This level brings in channels across all our propositions, including search, social media and website optimisation. There is a strong emphasis on driving traffic, leads and enquiries, paying close attention to your ROI and CPA.

  • Full discovery and strategy session, detailed communication strategy, cross-channel campaign blueprint.*
  • Project & account manager, including consultants across social, search and web
  • A strategic mix of all necessary channels (including SEO/Social/PPC) with an emphasis on a key channel or platform
  • Creation of campaign-specific creative assets, including light video production
  • Ongoing channel & platform management
  • Monthly reporting calls with ad-hoc updates
  • For ad spend budget of up to £8,000 pm

Our fee: £7,000 – £9,950 pm

Before you commit to our monthly fee…

* We provide a full campaign blueprint before launching a campaign – because everything starts with a strategy. But your initial commitment is only the campaign’s blueprint. Before you commit to our monthly fee, you need to be 100% satisfied with our plan. Only then do we ask you to agree a minimum term to manage the campaign from there. Your campaign strategy starts at around £2,950.

Reduce your risk and increase your confidence in a successful campaign.

Base Creative’s pricing structure

How do we know how much to charge? Our pricing is based on four key ingredients:


The expertise, knowledge and experience of our team is one of our most valuable assets. This is the product of our investment in training and personal development.


The value we create comes from years of R&D, tools and software, and a well defined and proven process. We carve out specific time dedicated to Technology and Innovation on a monthly basis.


Like any business, we have direct campaign costs like video production, to larger indirect costs such as studio space. All this influences how we charge for our work.


As a service-based company, time is a finite resource. Although we shy away from charging purely on a time basis, it’s a contributing factor to our pricing structure.

Keeping these ingredients in mind ensures we provide an exceptional service, allows us to continue to invest in our team, and also remain profitable.

How do we invest our fees?

Where does the money you spend with us go?

Salaries and team wellbeing: 45%
Operational: 15%
Software, tools and training: 15%
Marketing: 10%
Retained profit: 15%
15 team celebrations a year
6 conferences and events a year

Ready to plan your campaign?

Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum time commitment required to sign up?

Usually 4 months.

We’d usually recommend at least 4 months for paid advertising and 4 months for organic marketing (SEO, social media management). This allows us to take full advantage of the Discovery & Strategy research, get the campaign set up, implement any housekeeping and collect data.

Do you charge by the hour or fixed fee per project? Also, can you work on performance/results-based payments?

We charge for time, and on a fixed-fee basis.

When starting a campaign or project with us, you’re paying for a number of things: our time, expertise and knowledge (gained through experience, qualification and CPD). You also get the benefit of our research data, tools and the software we subscribe to, as well as our unique process (a model developed internally over time). For ongoing campaign management across SEO, social media and website performance, it’s a combination of the all of the above. For project work (of any size) we normally work on fixed fee, but the parameters will be strictly set.

What about charging for emails, meetings and other communication?


Intrinsic to providing you with unrivalled client experience is regular communication. You won’t be charged extra if you want to have a chat or get an update on anything we’re doing. And of course, we plan in regular reporting sessions anyway.

What if things change and I need you to adapt the plan or strategy?

We’d expect this.

Businesses change, markets change, and technology changes. It’s likely we’ll also suggest making significant changes to your campaign at some point – it’s why we often rerun a Discovery & Strategy workshop after 6-9 months. But if there is a significant business change with you and we need to quickly adapt, this isn’t a problem.

Can I cancel my services? What if I’m not happy?

We put it right.

After the minimum term, or outside any other agreement, you can cancel your contract with us by providing 30 days notice. With regular communication, we’d hope this wouldn’t happen as any concerns you’d have would be addressed. Each year, we run a Client Perception Survey, and on most recent survey we maintained either ‘Exceptional’ or ‘Very Good’ with 100% of responses.