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What to expect in this webinar

Lack of time is often the reason accountancy firms don’t market their business, so in this session, Base Creative will share easy time-saving strategies that all ICPA firms can introduce, including automation and content repurposing. 

In this session, Base Creative will explore:

  • How much time should you spend on marketing
  • Automation in marketing
  • How you can repurpose content
  • How to decide between in-house or outsourcing marketing

You’ll also meet our in-house specialists, and have a chance to ask questions in the live Q&A. You can also submit your questions before the session on the booking page.

This session is exclusive to ICPA members, and tailored specifically to small accountancy firms.

Date: 19th August, 2021

Time: 1pm

Cost: Free to ICPA members


Iain Scott

Iain Scott

Iain has a background in SEO, social media and websites, which allow him to provide clients with a range of strategic digital marketing expertise.

Abby Webb

Abby Webb

Abby is a core part of the Search & Content team, with a strong background in copywriting, search marketing and Google Ads.

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