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We are an SEO and PPC agency in London


Are you disappointed that your website doesn’t appear high enough in Google? Are your competitors appearing higher than you? Or, worse still – is your site not showing up in the search results at all? Having an online presence is great, until you realise no one can find you… That’s where SEO and PPC come into play. 

SEO (search engine optimisation) is not a magic button or a secret art. By analysing your website and understanding the way search engines work, we can create a series of recommendations to improve your website’s search engine visibility. Often, this could include changes to your existing website copy, fixing some underlying technical issues or creating some great new content. 

Sometimes, when the competition in search engines is particularly tough, or you need traffic now, a Google PPC (pay per click) campaign can do the trick, too. In fact, PPC and SEO are extremely effective together. The result: more traffic, more leads and more conversions for your business.

Everything starts with a strategy

Whether we recommend an organic or paid approach to improving your search engine visibility (or a bit of both), we’ll help you develop the right approach with a range of services.

Organic SEO

A combination of on-page and technical optimisation to help your site rank higher.

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PPC and Google Ads

Reach the right people at the right time with highly targeted Google Ads.

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Display Advertising

Showcase your business through a visual advertising campaign.

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Local Visibility

Improve local awareness to help you find new customers for your business.

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Reconnect with your leads and turn them into customers.

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SEO Audit

Understand what’s working on your website, and learn from what’s not. 

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Keyword Research

Discover how people are searching for your business. 

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SERP Feature Visibility

Make sure your business stands out in the results page.

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Microsites & Landing Pages

Digital experiences built specifically for your marketing campaigns.

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Content Creation

Copywriting to represent your business (and improve SEO).

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Managing your campaign from strategy to success

There’s no secret to our method. With all our SEO, PPC and search marketing campaigns, we combine strategic research, planning and expert management. Take a look below for a little more insight.



Success comes from fully understanding the business you’re in.

We invest time learning about you and your goals, your audience, your message, brand and services, and we explore the market you’re in.



Using the tailored blueprint, our goal is to carry your audience through each stage of their journey.

This is where our three core propositions of social media, SEO and web come together.



Our process is one of continuous innovation, where we keep learning, changing and improving the campaign and activity.

Once launched, we use data, analytics and insight to improve the campaign’s results.

Campaigns we’re proud to shout about

Take a look at a selection of our SEO and PPC campaigns, or view more on our Client Results page.


Mentor Education

PPC and display adverts for Mentor Education, one of London’s leading private tuition agencies.


reduction in cost per click


SMS plc

Energy company SMS wanted to gain more exposure in search and showcase their strong authority in the energy sector.


increase in search visibility

Devonshire House

Devonshire House

Partnering with one of the UK’s top dental practices, we planned a targeted SEO strategy to help them acquire new patients.


increase in conversions

The digital marketing partner trusted by national and global brands

Why choose Base Creative to manage your search marketing campaign?

Anna Corbett

Performing well in search engines hugely depends on understanding what the searcher is looking for, what stage of their journey they’re at, and how you can be smarter and more relevant than your competitors. So it’s often not a question of ranking #1, but what to rank for to get the best results. We can help with that!

We get to know your audience and the search results relevant to your website, hunt for any technical roadblocks in your website’s code and help you create the content you’ll need to succeed, making sure our recommendations are always in line with all the latest Google algorithm changes. 

The team have shared their search marketing wisdom across a range of online publications and spoken at big industry events, like BrightonSEO. 

We’re also a certified Google Partner, which means that we are regularly checked when it comes to following best practices and quality guidelines, so you’ll know that you are working with an agency that knows their stuff and has the Google stamp of approval.

SEO & PPC marketing team

Iain Scott Director of Growth

Ideation, initial strategy and to help you define your campaign direction.

Anna Corbett Director of Client Success

Campaign strategy, organic specialist and tracking and measurement expert.

Abby Webb Senior Search Consultant

SEO, content, paid and organic managing campaigns directly.

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Iain Scott
Abby Webb

An insight into our fees and pricing

Not many agencies will be as transparent as us around fees and pricing. That’s because the usual response is ‘it depends’. And it does depend. But we also have plenty of experience to provide some insight and an indication of what to expect when you commission us to manage your search engine marketing campaign.

Our campaigns usually fall into one of these brackets.


Our core service aims to amplify your existing content and messaging through an organic or paid Google campaign. The emphasis is on driving website traffic and building and engaging new audiences.

  • Full discovery and strategy session, with detailed communication strategy and search marketing campaign blueprint.*
  • Working with a project & account manager, and search consultant
  • Focus is on organic or paid search
  • Creation of campaign specific content
  • Ongoing keyword monitoring
  • Monthly reporting calls and weekly updates
  • For ad spend budget of up to £2,000 pm

£2,250 – £3,950 pm


A blended approach allows for both paid and organic campaigns to be employed in a cohesive and aligned way. There is an emphasis on driving traffic from multiple sources and building awareness of your service or product.

  • Full discovery and strategy session, with detailed communication strategy and search marketing campaign blueprint.*
  • Project & account manager, search consultant and senior consultant
  • Usually consists of a paid Google Search and/or Display campaign, and organic SEO
  • Creation of platform specific content, including ad visuals 
  • Ongoing keyword monitoring
  • Monthly reporting calls with weekly updates
  • For ad spend budget of up to £5,000 pm

£4,000 – £6,950 pm

Full Service

This level brings in channels across all our propositions, including social media and CRO. There is a strong emphasis on driving traffic, leads and enquiries, paying close attention to your ROI and CPA.

  • Full discovery and strategy session, detailed communication strategy, cross-channel campaign blueprint and accompanying social media playbook.*
  • Project & account manager, including consultants across social, search and web
  • A strategic mix of all necessary channels (including social media) with an emphasis on SEO and PPC
  • Creation of campaign-specific social media and web assets, including light video production
  • Ongoing keyword monitoring, channel & platform management
  • Monthly reporting calls with ad-hoc updates
  • For ad spend budget of up to £8,000 pm

£7,000 – £9,950 pm

Before you commit to our monthly fee…

* We provide a full campaign blueprint before launching a campaign – because everything starts with a strategy. But your initial commitment is only the campaign’s blueprint. Before you commit to our monthly fee, you need to be 100% satisfied with our the plan. Only then do we ask you to agree a minimum term to manage the campaign from there. Your campaign strategy starts at around £2,950.

Reduce your risk and increase your confidence in a successful campaign.

Ready to plan your campaign?

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take for SEO to work?

It’s really important to note that SEO isn’t an overnight fix. It can take months for all your search engine optimisation efforts to start working, and this will depend on a range of factors. For example, it could take longer to start seeing results if you’re in a highly competitive industry or if you’re a brand new business. We often recommend running a PPC campaign alongside your SEO strategy if you’re keen to see immediate results in the search engine.

Can you work with my existing website?

We are happy to work with you on your existing website, and we’ll factor this into our discovery and strategy process. For example, by auditing your existing website, we may recommend new pages to create, new content to include, or a restructure to help improve your SEO. 

What’s better – SEO or PPC?

When done well, both search engine optimisation and paid search offer huge improvements to your brand’s discoverability online. However, one doesn’t necessarily work better than the other. SEO is a long-term commitment, whereas PPC can also work well in the short-term, so we often recommend a combination of the two, depending on what your business goals are and how quickly you need to start getting leads. 

Should I use search ads or display ads?

Search ads are displayed in search engines and display ads are visual ads that are shown on websites and other placements across the web. Because of this, display is ideal for when you want to build awareness for your brand, while search works particularly well when you’re targeting those who already have some interest in the service or product you offer. During our discovery and strategy stage, we’ll undertake research to determine which types of ads would work best for your marketing goals. 

Can you take over my existing PPC campaign?

Yes, we can take over your existing PPC campaign if you’ve already been running ads for your business. This is helpful for us too, because we can see what’s worked for you before and what we can improve on. We’re also happy to help you set up an account if you’ve never run ads before. 

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