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We are a social media management agency in London

Leighton House

A well managed social media presence will not only help you reach your target audience and engage with them online, but it can also help drive website traffic, which will ultimately generate leads and enquiries.

The key to successful social media activity is choosing the right channels and build the right strategy for your goals.

Luckily, we can help you with that!

Social media should be an integral part of your customer journey, no matter what type of business you’re in. It’s brilliant for building brand awareness, and getting in front of your audiences to build familiarity and trust before they even look for your services. 

Find out more on our social media services below or view our case studies to see our work in action.

Everything starts with a strategy

Strategy is at the heart of every social media campaign. By defining your campaign’s goals and understanding your business, we’ll help you develop the right approach with a range of services.

Organic Social Media

Planning, content creation and management of your chosen channels.

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LinkedIn Advertising

Get your business in front of the right decision makers on LinkedIn.

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Instagram Advertising

Connect with your ideal customers with high quality creatives on Instagram.

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Twitter Advertising

Showcase your offering to relevant accounts across Twitter.

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Facebook Advertising

Boost your business by advertising your business on the largest social network.

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TikTok Advertising

Leverage the power of TikTok, one of the hottest social media platforms.

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Social Remarketing

Reconnect with your leads and turn them into customers.

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Influencer Marketing

Collaborate with content creators that your customers already know, love and trust.

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Social Listening

Monitor and understand what your customers are saying about you on social media.

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Social Analytics

Discover what’s working for you, and learn from what’s not.

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Managing your campaign from strategy to success

There’s no secret to our method. With all our organic and paid social media campaigns, we combine strategic research, planning and expert management. Take a look below for a little more insight.



Success comes from fully understanding the business you’re in.

We invest time learning about you and your goals, your audience, your message, brand and services, and we explore the market you’re in.



Using the tailored blueprint, our goal is to carry your audience through each stage of their journey.

This is where our three core propositions of social media, SEO and web come together.



Our process is one of continuous innovation, where we keep learning, changing and improving the campaign and activity.

Once launched, we use data, analytics and insight to improve the campaign’s results.

Campaigns we’re proud to shout about

Take a look at a selection of our social media campaigns or view more on our Client Results page.

Leighton House

Leighton House

Leighton House Museum, part of the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea asked us to support them during lockdown, as the museum had to stay shut.


views on YouTube


Trustees Unlimited

Trustees Unlimited is a professional trustee recruitment service that aims to create a wider and more diverse pool of available trustees for charities and not-for-profit bodies.


Impressions on facebook

Devonshire House

Devonshire House

We’ve worked with Devonshire House Dental Practice since 2008, and partnered with them as they’ve grown.


increase in conversions

The digital marketing partner trusted by national and global brands

Why choose Base Creative to manage your social media campaign?

Whether it’s Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or TikTok, we know social media inside out. By getting to know your audience and your business intrinsically, we’ll help you choose the right channels, create ​​content that is going to appeal to your target market, and tailor a social media strategy to achieve the goals you have set out for your business. 

Our social media team is a little bit obsessed with social media (just check Becca’s weekly screen time report for TikTok) and stays up to date with all the latest channels. Becca has also spoken at a number of industry conferences across the UK, including BrightonSEO, Digital Women and Sharing Social London, and shared her insights on the social media landscape on a number of podcasts.

Becca Holloway

Social media marketing team

Iain Scott Director of Growth

Ideation, initial strategy and to help you define your campaign direction.

Anna Corbett Director of Client Success

Campaign strategy, organic specialist and tracking and measurement expert.

Becca Holloway Social Media Consultant

Social media, paid and organic managing campaigns directly.

View the team

Iain Scott
Becca Holloway

An insight into our fees and pricing

Not many agencies will be as transparent as us around fees and pricing. That’s because the usual response is ‘it depends’. And it does depend. But we also have plenty of experience to provide some insight and an indication of what to expect when you commission us to manage your social media campaign.

Our campaigns usually fall into one of these brackets.


Our core service aims to amplify your existing content and messaging through key social media platforms. The emphasis is on building and engaging new audiences, as well as driving website traffic.

  • Full discovery and strategy session, with detailed communication strategy and social media campaign blueprint.*
  • Working with a project & account manager, and social media consultant
  • Usually one to two social media platforms
  • Creation of platform specific content(non-video)
  • Ongoing platform management
  • Monthly reporting calls and weekly updates
  • For ad spend budget of up to £2,000 pm

£2,250 – £3,950 pm


A blended approach allows for multiple social media platforms to be employed in a cohesive and aligned way. There is an emphasis on engaging with audiences, building awareness and driving traffic from multiple audiences.

  • Full discovery and strategy session, with detailed communication strategy and social media campaign blueprint.*
  • Project & account manager, social media consultant and senior consultant
  • Usually up to four social media platforms
  • Creation of platform specific content, including light video production
  • Ongoing platform management
  • Monthly reporting calls with weekly updates
  • For ad spend budget of up to £5,000 pm

£4,000 – £6,950 pm

Full Service

This level brings in channels across all our propositions, including search and PPC. There is a strong emphasis on driving traffic, leads and enquiries, paying close attention to your ROI and CPA.

  • Full discovery and strategy session, detailed communication strategy, cross-channel campaign blueprint and accompanying social media playbook.*
  • Project & account manager, including consultants across social, search and web
  • A strategic mix of all necessary channels (including SEO/PPC) with an emphasis on social media
  • Creation of campaign-specific social media and web assets, including light video production
  • Ongoing channel & platform management
  • Monthly reporting calls with ad-hoc updates
  • For ad spend budget of up to £8,000 pm

£7,000 – £9,950 pm

Before you commit to our monthly fee…

* We provide a full campaign blueprint before launching a campaign – because everything starts with a strategy. But your initial commitment is only the campaign’s blueprint. Before you commit to our monthly fee, you need to be 100% satisfied with our the plan. Only then do we ask you to agree a minimum term to manage the campaign from there. Your campaign strategy starts at around £2,950.

Reduce your risk and increase your confidence in a successful campaign.

Ready to plan your campaign?

Frequently asked questions

Which social media channels should my business use?

The social media platforms your business should be on will largely depend on the industry you’re in and where your audience spends their time online. For example, lifestyle and e-commerce brands would be best on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, whereas professional services would benefit from posting on a B2B channel like LinkedIn. As part of our discovery and strategy process, we explore which channels would suit your marketing goals based on our research. 

How often should I post on social media?

There’s no magic number when it comes to posting frequency on social media, and posting more often doesn’t always result in a better performance. It also depends on which channel you’re posting on. The key is making sure the content you do post resonates with your audience. We can help you create a robust content plan as part of our organic social media management.

How do I get more followers?

The good news: there are lots of ways to grow your social media following. The bad news: lots of strategies take time. Small things, like including your social media handles in your emails or inviting your contacts to follow your Business page on LinkedIn can help, but we also recommend investing in a paid social media strategy to raise awareness of your brand to new audiences. 

Should I use organic or paid social media?

From our experience, the best social media strategies include both organic and paid campaigns. Organic social media can be extremely effective if you have a larger following, while paid social media is brilliant at finding new customers, as you can get really specific with your audience targeting. 

How much should I spend on social media advertising?

Paid social media budgets can vary massively, depending on your marketing goals, the product or service you’re promoting, the audience you want to reach and even the social media channel you want to promote on – but it’s helpful to have a budget in mind when planning any paid activity. We can help you determine where you should focus your advertising and how much you should spend. 

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