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Why are social media analytics important?

Social analytics provide invaluable insights into your performance online. Insights that can help you learn what’s working well (that you should do more of!) and make changes to the parts of your strategy that aren’t working so well.

After all, social media is more than just likes and comments – although they are helpful metrics to know too! With a social analytics dashboard, you’ll be able to monitor the ongoing performance of organic and paid social campaigns.

How we can help

We’re big fans of data and analytics here at Base Creative, and we use the insights we glean from our data-driven dashboards to inform our clients’ campaigns. Our dashboards allow you to easily access the most important social analytics data, without having to dig around in Google Analytics or the social platforms themselves. We’ll build them to fit your requirements.  

We’ll also arrange monthly calls (or more, or less, depending on what you need!) with a member of the analytics team, who will provide tailored insight into the previous month’s performance, and offer ongoing recommendations on your social media activity.

Social analytics dashboards

Use our social analytics dashboards to learn:

  • Which types of content perform well – and lead to the most conversions
  • Which social channels work best for you
  • Which landing pages converted the most from your social media campaigns
  • Which audiences resonate best with your messaging

Other services

Strategy is at the heart of every social media campaign. By defining your campaign’s goals and understanding your business, we’ll help you develop the right approach with a range of services.

Social Listening

Monitor and understand what your customers are saying about you on social media.

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Social Remarketing

Reconnect with your leads and turn them into customers.

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Organic Social Media

Planning, content creation and management of your chosen channels.

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Influencer Marketing

Collaborate with content creators that your customers already know, love and trust.

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TikTok Advertising

Leverage the power of TikTok, one of the hottest social media platforms.

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Ready to learn about your social analytics?

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