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Here are those resources I promised in my LearnInbound talk.

GTM Container

Here’s a GTM container including the custom events I like to use as standard.

And here are all the resources and people I referenced in my talk:

Links to awesomeness: Analytics Mania

Google’s list of GA4 event types and more

And if you want to look at adorable kitties: 

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Here are some articles I’ve written about search and analytics:

GTM event tracking for GA4

GA4 comes with some major changes to event tracking. This crash course through GA4 events will help explain what’s changed, how to transfer your old UA events, and some of the exciting opportunities ahead. 

Persuasion in search: using psychology to optimise content

On 23rd July, I delivered a talk at BrightonSEO all about persuasion in search, exploring how – and why – you should harness the power of psychology in SEO. Read all about it here.

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