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SMS, a company in the energy sector asked us for help with their search engine visibility as they wanted to gain more exposure in search and really showcase their strong authority in the energy sector. We have been happily working with them to achieve this and new goals.

  • 73%

    increase in organic traffic

  • 2X+

    conversions from organic search

  • 88%

    increase in search visibility for tracked terms

What’s our focus

We work closely with the SMS content writing team to guide them in creating the most relevant and effective content for their audience and search engines. Our keyword strategies help them not only understand what their audience is search for but also what their end objective is as we closely study user intent. We also keep track of how SMS fair against their real-life and search result competition, so we can strategically advise on what our next topic focus should be.

In my role managing website content for SMS, I have worked alongside Anna, Head of Search at BaseCreative, for two years. Anna has been an invaluable addition to our marketing team (and a teammate, rather than an outsourced function, is precisely how we feel about her). She brings incredible knowledge and expertise about the constantly shifting and complex environment of SEO. Not only does she exude erudition of her field, but she has the excellent communication skills to relay her recommendations in ways that are really simple and easy to understand (for those of us who are not search experts).

As a result, Anna has been instrumental to the growth in traffic to our website over the past 24 months or so and I would wholeheartedly recommend her to other companies wishing to improve their online presence. On a personal note, Anna is a really warm-hearted person who is generally just a pleasure to work with.

Aled Bryon, Senior Content Writer, SMS

It has been such a pleasure working with the team at SMS and we have been very excited to see performance improve and organic (and traffic overall) grow year on year.

Anna Corbett Director of Client Success

Find out how we can help you showcase your authority and gain more exposure in the search results.

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