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Mentor Education is one of London’s leading private tuition agencies, providing educational support for children working towards their 7+ and 11+ assessments, as well as their GCSEs and A Levels. They approached Base Creative to help them retain their existing clients and generate new leads throughout the 2020 lockdown.

The results & the experience

This challenge required all of our propositions (search engine visibility, social media engagement, and websites & performance). We advised them on leveraging social media to engage with their existing customers and, through word of mouth, grow new audiences. We also made changes to their website to improve the conversion rate and adequately represent the size and authority of the business.

We also launched a paid search ads campaign to generate immediate leads from parents across London, by researching their audience behaviour and keywords and developing a series of bespoke landing pages that are focused on their primary tuition services. With our data-driven approach, we have continually optimised the PPC campaign based on the results to drive down the cost and improve the number, and quality of the leads. To keep the campaign relevant for their target audience, we have pivoted our strategy and updated the messaging based on the changing situation regarding school exams during lockdown.

Seeing the impact of the organic and paid search campaigns we’ve worked on for Mentor Education has been really encouraging.

Abby Webb
Abby Webb Head of Search & Content