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What’s New with Facebook Ads Manager?

Creating ads on Facebook hasn't always been the most straightforward task. There’s the Power Editor and the Ads Manager, and sometimes it can be unclear as to what’s best to use.

Thankfully, this is changing.

Facebook are combining all the best bits of Power Editor into Ads Manager. Currently, what differs between the two tools is the workflow style.

Power Editor features quick creation and Ads Manager has guided creation. In the update rolling out to users this month, you’ll now be opted into whichever workflow you have preferred in the past. Of course, you’ll have the option to change if you want to.

No matter which workflow, Ads Manager will now come complete with the drafts functionality from Power Editor, allowing you to plan ads in advance before posting them. You’ll also be able to see graphs and charts with all the historical data from your campaigns in Ads Manager, letting you view and manage the results in one interface.

Along with this update, Facebook is also launching the new Dynamic Creative tool. This tool will select a combination of your ad assets and test them until the best combination is found. The sets will run across different audiences with different selections to help you find the best performing ad.

To use the Dynamic Creative tool, you’ll have to be using the Power Editor, since it requires the quick creation workflow.

Create your ad, upload assets including images, text and CTAs (videos won’t work in a selection yet), and most importantly, ensure all your assets work well together and would make sense no matter what the order. Then you can preview the selections and run the ads. Done!

This will be running out within the next few weeks too, along with the new Ads Manager – if you haven’t got it already. Facebook is aiming to make ad creation a much quicker process, and the new Dynamic Creative tool should help you experiment with what assets work best for your audience in an easy & timely manner.

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