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Becca Holloway

Rebecca Holloway

Senior Social Media Strategist

Becca Holloway

Senior Social Media Strategist and TikTok addict.

Rebecca is a Senior Social Media Strategist at Base Creative, who specialises in paid social. She organises London-based social media meet-up and co-hosts the Sharing Social podcast. She also co-authored and published Socialise.

Rebecca has over 7 years’ experience in the industry and has spoken at some of the UK’s biggest social media events about her expertise in TikTok advertising, including BrightonSEO, Digital Women, and Cambridge Social Media. With a keen eye for the latest apps and social media trends, you can count on Rebecca for the latest social hype or TikTok craze.

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To succeed on social media, think beyond social media

What’s the point? I think about that question all the time. No, I’m not having an existential crisis.  I think about it because it’s the first question on the minds of many of our clients and prospects when considering their social media marketing activity. Why is social media important for businesses? What’s the value of […]

B2Bs, it’s time to cancel your Twitter Ads

Uncertainty. There are few words more toxic in the world of business. And if there’s any business that’s been plagued by uncertainty, it’s Twitter. If you have paid Twitter Ads as part of your business-to-business marketing strategy, you’ll no doubt have felt more than your share of uncertainty over the last year.  That ends now.  […]

No, you shouldn’t use Threads for B2B marketing (yet)

Everyone is talking about Threads. After months of chaos and rule changes on Twitter, Meta’s new platform is promising the repackaged return of Twitter’s golden years.  Have a Twitter B2B marketing campaign sitting on the shelf that you haven’t had the chance to launch? This is a perfect opportunity to use it on Threads instead, […]

How to prevent Facebook rejecting your ads in the energy sector

Facebook Ads let you put your message in front of nearly 3 billion people. For some sectors, however, there are restrictions in place about the types of adverts that you can run and how. If you work in the energy sector, you’re more likely to run into some of these restrictions than other businesses. That […]

TikTok SEO part 2: Starting your strategy

TikTok is an awareness-raising powerhouse, perfect for promoting ESG, supercharging your recruitment and much more. Many B2Bs are looking to take advantage of TikTok’s power. They just need to know how. In part 1 of this series, you learned why B2Bs need a TikTok strategy. In part 2, you will learn about the Search Engine […]

TikTok SEO part 1: Why B2Bs need a TikTok SEO strategy 

Two years ago, TikTok began emerging as one of the most important social media platforms. The tide was just beginning to turn. Ads were newly introduced, and businesses were starting to see the potential of TikTok.  Now, TikTok SEO presents businesses with an opportunity to take their organic content to the next level.   Not only […]

How TikTok promotes ESG to the leaders of tomorrow

Content focused on environment, sustainability and governance (ESG) concerns used to be seen as a stuffy box-ticking exercise. Why is it then that over the last five years ESG has seen a 1150% increase in interest across social media? What changed?  Just a few years ago there was no question that LinkedIn was the preferred […]

How we promote team wellbeing at Base Creative

London agencies are often expected to have high-stress work environments. Back in October, Digital Project Manager Paige Steel-Thomas wrote an article explaining how she stops client stress impacting our team.  As Base Creative’s wellbeing champion, I wanted to share more information about our wellbeing strategy with our clients and peers, breaking down how we prioritise […]

What Twitter’s acquisition means for your ad campaigns and organic social

There’s no escaping it: Twitter is undergoing some huge changes. Elon Musk’s $44 billion buy-out has already seen mass firings, resignations and radical new features introduced, including an $8 subscription model which verifies users and impacts their ability to be targeted by ads. By the time you are reading this there will have undoubtedly already […]

Thought leadership: putting your team’s expertise on your clients’ radars

“Thought leadership” has become an essential part of B2B marketing. With Google’s helpful content update, it’s more important than ever for your organisation’s team members to be producing high-quality, informed content in their areas of expertise.  Articles, LinkedIn posts, blogs, videos – all of this comes under the umbrella of thought leadership. Thought leadership can […]