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We partnered with The Turing Trust to initiate an impactful paid search campaign, successfully securing them a $10,000 monthly Google Ad grant while achieving remarkable growth in their conversion rates.

The results & the experience

What is The Turing Trust?

For every reused computer installed in a secondary school, 18 students gain the chance to gain IT skills. With that one opportunity, 20% more students gain university places and increase their prospective income by an average 39%.

Founded by Alan Turing’s family, The Turing Trust is a charity which has provided over 169,000 students with the chance to gain IT skills.

By installing donated IT equipment in schools across Africa, Asia and the UK, The Turing Trust has had a huge social and environmental impact, saving over 4,200 tonnes of carbon. That’s the same as powering over 1000 UK homes for a year, or planting over 10,600 trees.

Since 2019, Base Creative has been partnered with The Turing Trust pro bono, helping them gain remarkable growth in their conversion rates.

Our partnership

Base Creative’s Director of Client Success Anna Corbett first met The Turing Trust at their stall at the Turing Fest conference.

There, The Turing Trust team explained that they were at risk of losing their Google Ads Grant due to Google’s strict specifications. Wanting to amplify the amazing work they were doing, Anna agreed to write and launch a Google Ads campaign that wouldn’t just meet Google’s guidelines, but get The Turing Trust better visibility than ever before – without charging them a penny.


Base Creative’s early work with The Turing Trust saw their Google Ads visibility increase dramatically.

In just one year, the ads’ clicks per month skyrocketed from just 300 to over 3,000. By 2023, that campaign has gained almost 45,000 clicks in total, leading to an estimated 900 conversions.

20% of the Turing Trust’s new leads now come from the Google Ads campaign Base Creative set up.

The impact

Base Creative began working with The Turing Trust in 2019. Here’s the remarkable impact our partnership has helped create in that time:

  • Approximately 20% of The Turing Trust’s monthly conversions come from the Google Ads campaign set up by Base Creative.
  • In 2018, 1,663 PCs were donated to The Turing Trust. With the help of Base Creative, 12,187 PCs were donated to The Turing Trust in 2022, a 633% increase over our partnership.
  • In 2022, The Turing Trust diverted 200 tonnes of PCs that would have gone to waste. The charity’s total saved IT equipment created equivalent carbon savings of 750 tonnes of CO2, the equivalent to planting 1,900 trees or powering 180 UK homes for a year.
  • In 2022, 61 additional classrooms and organisations in Malawi were equipped with computers, allowing 53,000 additional students to learn digital skills from Turing Trust computers.

Anna’s work on our Google AdWords helped put us on the map. It literally put us on the front page of Google.

That led to not only really good increases in donations of individual computers, but also enabled us to get that web presence that enabled our business donations to grow.

Without Anna’s expertise, we almost certainly wouldn’t be using AdWords anymore. Frankly, we can attribute all of the impact of the AdWords programme directly to the help that Anna has given us, because it wouldn’t exist in any form had it not been for her.

She’s stayed with us for the long haul and that’s enabled everything to be ten times more efficient.

It has genuinely been truly phenomenal.

JAMES TURING, Founder & CEO, Turing trust