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Base Creative is moving on…and moving up

Base Creative’s home is now on the fringe of the City and in the heart of Aldgate: the sky-scraping and awe-inspiring Aldgate Tower.

This week Base Creative reached a professional milestone and I was able to put a big tick next to a goal that’s been on my personal wish-list for years – we’ve moved onwards and (quite literally) upwards to a brand new office.

Base Creative’s home is now on the fringe of the City and in the heart of Aldgate: the sky-scraping and awe-inspiring Aldgate Tower.

So what’s really changed? We loved our quirky, if a little edgy studio in Zetland House. Like many agencies, however, we’re always on a journey, forever evolving. This latest change is about celebrating our core focus as a digital agency for B2B and professional service organisations. Our new home, much like our agency, has the perfect mixture of corporate professionalism and a strong creative core.

Why this space? Ever adapting, Base Creative has fully embraced hybrid working. Our combination of remote working (for heads down, high-productivity days) blends well with in-studio time (for presentations, collaboration days, and because Zoom will never fully replace the rich experience of working with people in person).

As we continue to grow, and as we learn more about what makes our team tick, it’s becoming crystal clear that keeping tabs on our wellbeing can’t be done with 100 miles between us. Our new home offers a huge variety of working environments with a strong emphasis on collaboration. Aldgate Tower has an ideal selection of 1-to-1 meeting areas, breakout spaces, desks, wellness rooms, games rooms, a fully stocked kitchen, practical benefits like a cycle store and showers, a super friendly welcoming team, and a reception that smells just wonderful!

As part of our big rebrand 3 years ago, Base Creative pivoted to specialise in social media, search & performance marketing and analytics. We also made a commitment, promising to ensure that our team had a space they would not only look forward to coming into, but where they could produce their best work. As we embrace hybrid working (and letting our team members choose where they’d like to work) this promise becomes more important than ever. With Base Creative moving onwards and upwards, we remain committed to our down-to-earth team and sky-high ambitions.

Come and visit us.

Our new address: Aldgate Tower, 2 Leman St, London, E1 8FA

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Iain Scott

Iain Scott

Founder & CEO

Iain has a strong background in digital, and brings high-level strategic thinking to client campaigns.

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