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Case study: virtual client tea time

Some traditional methods of keeping in touch with clients have gone, but there's still plenty you can do virtually. Here's one idea to try.

With more of us working from home, some traditional methods of keeping in touch with clients have gone, but not all is lost. There’s plenty you can do, like virtual tours, hosting webinars, sending pre-recorded personalised messages, or, something that we’ve enjoyed, client tea times.

Last summer, we launched our client tea times to touch base with our client partners, after not seeing any of them in real life since March. Based on the success of our own internal ‘tea times’ (where our team catches up for half an hour a day to chat about everything and anything!), we invited our client partners to a virtual tea time on Zoom. Like our own tea times, these would be a 30-minute informal check in. We even sent each of them a box of goodies that they could enjoy during our chat.

Here’s more on how our client tea times worked:

Not being able to meet with our client partners face to face last year was tough. Although switching from in-person meetings to digital was relatively easy thanks to the likes of Zoom and Google Meet, many of these conversations were about the projects we were working on, rather than checking in to see how our client partners were doing otherwise. 

With us all going through this new experience of a pandemic together, we wanted to show our client partners that we cared about their wellbeing and provide a much-needed break from the news.

So, we started planning our client tea times, a friendly 30-minute Zoom call with our client partners and a couple of members from our team. These meetings were to be informal – just some time out of our client partners’ busy days to relax and talk about how things were going. We also planned to send them a box of tea time treats for the call.

What’s our focus

The aim of our tea times was to strengthen our relationships with our client partners, while showcasing our values, which is why we carefully planned our tea times from the initial invitation right through to the occasion itself, and our follow up. 

We began by sending an email to our client partners, letting them know our idea and inviting them to arrange a tea time session with us. These emails included a digital menu, where they could choose the treat they received from us ready for the meeting. 

Next came the planning of the box of goodies that our client partners would receive. We had 3 options available: sweet, savoury or combo. We sourced the goodies from Fortnum & Mason, before packaging them up in Base Creative branded packaging, and a note from us. These were sent out to our clients ready to enjoy for their tea time. 

We looked forward to catching up with our client partners and spilling the tea on the new Base Creative brand, which we successfully launched in September 2020. 

Our clients’ reactions were everything we hoped for. They were absolutely elated to have a box filled with artesian treats. Everyone is so busy with their day to day that it really speaks volumes when a company takes time to hand package a box of treats. Very underrated.

Addie Bryant
Addie Bryant Video Content Producer

Tea times were an extremely positive experience for us and our client partners, helping to strengthen our relationships and giving us the opportunity to stay connected. During each meeting, we learnt something new about them, while they were appreciative of the time we had taken to speak to them and send them a box of treats. For everyone involved, the client tea times provided much-needed mental health stimulation during a time of uncertainty. 

We were thrilled to get 100% positive feedback as we spoke to our client partners after the tea times. Plus, as a result of the sessions, we were also invited to pitch for new work for a number of client partners.

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