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6 simple steps to boost your LinkedIn presence

Have an interest in growing your marketing strategy for LinkedIn but not sure where to begin? Not to worry! Here are 6 tips for a successful LinkedIn campaign.

Contrary to the popular opinion, there are loads of methods you can incorporate into your framework to not only build brand awareness, amplify credibility within your industry but also to generate leads and increase sales. Before we even begin, I would highly recommend focusing on 3 components before we dive into these steps. This will not only allow the campaign to be viewed as well thought out and purposeful but will also help in the LinkedIn algorithm for boosting engagement, impressions and click-through rates. So take some time to determine:

  1. Your goals
  2. The audiences you want to reach
  3. What does a successful campaign look like to you? How will it be measured?

Got it? Cool. Let’s jump right in.

#1) Establish Your Tone of Voice

Being able to recognise that LinkedIn is it’s own platform and should be treated as such is key. Thus, the content you create for other social channels will not be applicable to your LinkedIn strategy. Rule of thumb, each social channel should have its own tone of voice and a different message. This whole “drag and drop” approach is an inefficient method to LinkedIn as there is an entirely different audience associated… it’s not a one size fits all. Contextual content and copy should be friendly and confident (but not overly confident). LinkedIn lends itself really well to the personal side of businesses. Currently, sales pitches are oversaturated within LinkedIn and the decision-makers on this channel aren’t looking to open their inbox to find another impersonal copy/pasted message trying to sell them something.

P.S. If you think that these decision-makers won’t be able to tell that you have copied/pasted this message 100 times over, think again. It’s something you can almost immediately pick out of the crowd. Want to leave an impression? Make it personal (to them and to their business) right out of the gate.

#2) Ask Thought-Provoking & Controversial Questions

Now I wouldn’t recommend getting into political banter on LinkedIn, as it is still a professional platform, however, asking thought-provoking questions that may or may not be seen as controversial will invoke curiosity, participation and engagement.

Example: What are you doing to incorporate diversity in your workplace? Should #BLM be brought into workplace conversations?

This is igniting a bit of a spark… people will respond thoughtfully and hopefully showcase a variety of responses, maybe even allow a new perspective to shine through or a new way of thinking for some. You would have been the person that spearheaded this conversation. Be progressive, thoughtful and intentional.

#3) Drops the Mic

“I quit my job and moved to London”… this is a jaw-dropper to say the very least. Creating tag lines and headers that captivate the audience is the name of the game here. LinkedIn’s algorithm supports these messages and will move it to the front of the feed. You have about 4 seconds to create an impression that will last (digital impression as well as a personal one). Do you ever log back onto LinkedIn and see a post from 3 weeks ago? You can thank the LinkedIn algorithm for that. Someone is scrolling through the LinkedIn feed and sees this tag line, they are going to be instantly captivated, who wouldn’t be? This is not something you hear every day. This header not only houses a unique story but it is showing a very personal, relatable and vulnerable side and people will respond.


NOTE. Every time you like a post on LinkedIn, your entire network will see that you have liked it on their news feed. This means heavy engagement on everything you like/comment on and vice versa. Let’s say you publish a video on YouTube, someone with a large network on LinkedIn likes it and now their entire network of followers now have access to view since it is now shown on their feed.

Addie Bryant
Addie Bryant Video Content Producer


#4) The Human Side

A lot of companies don’t show their human side because they fear it will make them look unprofessional. Not showing your personal work journey by drawing back the corporate blinds will only make your audience keep you at arm’s length. People won’t trust you, and how could they if they don’t know you? And for anyone that knows business… the key to obtaining long-lasting work relationships is to get people to like you, then eventually trust you. In the end, people want to do business with people that they like and if they like AND trust you? You’ve got their business.

#5) The Shout Outs

Don’t be shy in celebrating the small or big wins within your company or within your industry. Supporting your team speaks volumes and also shows that your company has a culture that values the overall team well being. Even if it’s a small win, little victories deserve a shout just as much as the big takeaways. You, as the individual and not the company, should promote as many accomplishments as possible. Then the company can share on their page to exemplify the engagement.  Employees engaging with other employees showcase that collectively they are all one unit. Believe it or not, people pick up on that and will only amplify the personality behind the brand.


#6) The Proof Is in the Pudding

Now, if you are using LinkedIn for lead generation or business development purposes it is important that you create content that is heavily data-driven. Micro case studies have been shown to perform quite well, showcasing a few stand out statistics in a well designed and engaging digital flyer/video will give your audience background to the results associated with your brand. If they weren’t considering you before, they sure are now.

Note. Try not to post external links directly onto LinkedIn. The algorithm detects the external links and will not optimize. LinkedIn likes everything to be showcased in-house. If you would like to provide a link, a way around that would be to insert it into the comments. If it is a video, upload it directly within the post.

Addie Bryant
Addie Bryant Video Content Producer

Interested in learning more? Feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

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Addie Bryant

Addie Bryant

Video Content Producer

Having 7 years of marketing experience under her belt, specialising in video production and editing and social media strategy, Addie offers a unique perspective to digital marketing.

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