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Socialise: Your ultimate social media handbook, now available on Amazon

Socialise shows marketing professionals in professional service firms and corporate communications how to use storytelling on social media to win more work.

We are thrilled to announce that our new book Socialise: Unlock your content, maximise social media engagement and win more work than ever before is now available to order and download on Amazon. Purchase your copy of Socialise here.

What is Socialise?

Your content isn’t boring. You’re just communicating your content in a boring way. This book is dedicated to helping you understand how to use powerful storytelling methods for your social media content in the corporate world – for every day content, and without spending millions.

You will learn:

  • How to create original, valuable and shareable content to gain your audience’s attention and build trust
  • How to build a successful social media strategy as part of your company’s marketing plan
  • How to adapt powerful storytelling techniques for all the social media platforms you use

Practical and evergreen, Socialise is the social media handbook for marketing professionals in B2B organisations and corporate communications. Packed with insights and examples from all different industries, if you’re looking to maximise your engagement and connect with your audience, this book if for you.

So what are you waiting for?

Find your audience, tell your story, and win more work using any social media platform.

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You can order a paperback or ebook version of Socialise today by following the link below.

What’s next? 

You can expect to hear more from us on Base Creative’s LinkedIn, with webinar announcements and more to come.

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