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A Thank you to Moz!

You might have seen my submission to the competition to win tickets to Mozcon a couple of weeks ago. You won’t believe it but I WON!

I still can’t believe it. Last week I was announced as the winner of the Mozcon competition. This means I AM GOING TO FRICKIN MOZCON.

As you can see in my popup book video (watch it below), I have been using all of Moz’s wonderful SEO tips, tricks & tools for many many years now. So when the chance came up to win Mozcon tickets I was racking my brain on what to submit.

I spent many hours cutting and sticking the week before the submission deadline. This was my first popup book and I never thought for one minute I would actually win the competition with my shoddily stuck together story.

So winning and actually really going to Mozcon is as exciting as it gets for me. This means I won’t just catch up with the yearly video bundle that is released a few weeks after the conference. Instead I will be there, watching all the speakers on stage, madly scribbling notes, soaking up the atmosphere, meeting amazing experts and fellow Moz community peeps.

I promise to document every step of this mad adventure, even if you are not really interested. I am going to love every minute of it, especially the embarrassing minutes when I’m lost for words if I get to meet Rand, Dr Pete and friends!

Watch this space for my Mozcon journal.

Finally, yet most importantly: Thank you sooooo much Moz. I am super fantasticulously excited. Like kittens chasing a feather. I love you all and can’t wait to meet you!

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