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Base Creative is sponsoring the Digital Women Awards 2021

The Digital Women Awards is an event to celebrate the best and brightest women working in digital. This year, we're sponsoring the event!

We wanted to showcase a community we work closely with to celebrate the success of digital women across the UK. 

Base Creative is sponsoring the 2021 Digital Women Awards, an event to celebrate the best and brightest working in digital. This year’s awards ceremony is taking place on Thursday 25th November. 

With women making up 66% of our workforce (up from 33% in 2018!), this is a cause that’s close to our heart. At Base Creative, we’ve worked hard to build a strong culture of team wellbeing, celebration and communication. In fact, the women of Base Creative meet weekly to discuss the issues that impact our team both in and outside of the workplace, like women’s safety, wellbeing and health, as well as career progression. These meetings provide a supportive environment for these important conversations to take place. 

A little background about Digital Women

So, what is Digital Women? It’s an online community and digital platform that empowers women to gain new digital skills for work or business. The community has grown to over 33,000 members in just a couple of years, and has a buzzing and collaborative Facebook community with more than 7,700 women.

The community’s ultimate mission is to empower 1 million women through digital education by 2024.

What to expect from the awards

This will be the first time many from the digital women community have been able to reunite since lockdown. At the event itself, 15 awards will be presented, including Digital Woman of the Year, Digital Community Leader of the Year, Digital Women Role Model of the Year, Digital Entrepreneur of the Year, Digital Innovator of the Year, Digital Freelancer of the Year and Young Digital Woman of the Year. 

The last award has special significance here, as Becca, our Social Media Consultant, has been shortlisted for Young Digital Woman of the Year! This is well deserved, thanks to her hard work and determination over the past 18 months. She has branched out into public speaking and successfully delivered talks about her TikTok expertise across the UK, at BrightonSEO, Cambridge Social Media Meetup, and Sharing Social. 

We wish Becca and all nominees the best of luck in this year’s Digital Women Awards!

Abby Webb

Abby Webb

Senior Search & Content Consultant

Abby leads on SEO campaigns, with a strong background in copywriting, content and paid search marketing campaigns.

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