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Greg Mileham

Head of Web

Greg Mileham

Head of Websites & Performance, Director of Operations and tinkering enthusiast.

Since building his first commercial website in 1998, Greg has seen huge changes online, and now uses Conversion Rate Optimisation to enhance the websites of organisations of all sizes.

Day to day he works with clients to enhance visitor engagement, improve web conversions and ultimately achieve their business goals.

Greg is always looking for a more efficient way to do everything. Look out, he might try to optimise you too.

Here’s my recommended reading

Is your website working for you: a checklist

Your website is one of your most valuable marketing tools. But if it’s been a while since you’ve had good quality enquiries through your website, then it’s time for an urgent review.  Why is your website so valuable? As the digital home of your business, your website is at the centre of all your marketing […]

89% of consumers exit and shop elsewhere after a poor user experience

How to start selling online

The trend for shopping online has risen significantly in the last few years, with the value of UK online retail sales estimated at £99 billion in 2020 alone – a trend that’s expected to continue rising as more consumers start shopping this way. Selling online is easier than you think, especially if your virtual storefront […]

26% of retail sales in the UK were online in 2020

How important is page load time to keep people on your website?

We’re impatient beings. Almost anything can be delivered to our doors in a matter of hours. It’s not a luxury, it’s become an expectation. Time is precious, and no-one likes to waste it. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that a website’s page load time can impact the likelihood of visitor retention. In fact, […]

Four key pillars to successful remote working

For those of us lucky enough not to be directly affected by Covid-19 itself, we’ve needed to adapt to a new way of life. Working from home, trying to find a quiet space to make calls and perhaps juggle childcare responsibilities, all with a full house.

Base Creative's Silly Team

Hey Siri, who else is listening?

When many people place their phone on a table, they put them face down. Why? Because they don’t want you to see messages from their friends, family or secret lover.

blue LED string light

The visual hierarchy

Our discussion about good web design and the secret to what makes a user stick around. There is more to design than making things look attractive.