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Did you know we are a Google Partner?

What does it mean for you when your digital agency is a Google Partner?

Did you know Base Creative is a certified Google Partner? Look here’s the proof:

What’s is a Google Partner?

That’s us, hello! A Google Partner is an agency that has qualified to be in Google’s partnership programme in order to get some amazing benefits, such as in-depth training, industry research, sneaky updates to Google AdWords, and professional certification. All of this gives us the know-how, so we can help every single one of our clients get the very best out of their Google search ads campaigns.

The partnership programme works with agencies that offer paid search advertising in particular. Agencies are continuously tested on quality guidelines and best practices like:

  • Quality score
  • Use of negative keywords
  • Ad testing
  • And more….

What are the benefits for you?

The partnership means we are regularly checked when it comes to following best practices and quality guidelines, so you’ll know that you are working with an agency that knows their stuff and has the Google stamp of approval. Some other benefits are:

  1. Your campaigns will be run by a by certified account manager, who makes sure their expert industry knowledge is applied to all that we do for you
  2. Google ensures we run a profitable campaign for you, so we are monitored continuously and assessed on profitability and quality
  3. Google partners are often included in Beta releases of new innovations, so you could have a chance to really get ahead of your competition
  4. Testing and innovation are paramount for partners so you can be sure your campaigns are continuously optimised and improved to get you the best return on investment

Something about certified individuals 

In order for us to become a Partner we had to fulfil a number of prerequisites. Most importantly meeting quality and best practice guidelines in all of our campaigns. Our team also had to become Adwords certified, which means taking a number of yearly exams to prove we have what it takes to be a partner. Our Marketing Guru Anna is our Adwords certified professional and the best person to talk about search ads.

Interested in how your campaign could work better? It all starts with a Paid Search strategy, so get in touch with Anna, and we’ll put one together for you.

Anna Corbett

Anna Corbett

Director of Client Success

For over 14 years she has devoured every scrap of knowledge about search marketing and is diligently passing her knowledge on to her team, clients and anyone else who cares to listen.

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