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Explore Digital Space | The Campaign

In late 2015, we created a marketing campaign that would centre around a well-crafted, innovative and informative website.

We wanted to showcase our in-house branding, design, website development and content writing, whilst explaining how businesses can use the digital marketing services we offer to their advantage. This was our dual purpose of the campaign.

This article will talk you through the theme of our campaign, what we wanted to showcase throughout, our promotional efforts, and both the positives and challenges we faced during the campaign.

Space Campaign Across Platforms

The Theme

We wanted to use the theme of Exploring Digital Space as a focus for our entire campaign. This would influence design and content decisions across all of our channels, from social media promotion to the website itself. We created a “galaxy” for each aspect of digital marketing we wanted to showcase, each of which contained an interactive tool and sector insights to provide personalised information for users.

The seven galaxies we created:

Paid Search: Is Google Pay Per Click good value? What returns are you likely to get?

Insight: Discover average visitor cost and cost per conversion in your sector


Branding: What do your brand values say about your business?

Tool: Answer a few questions to start learning about the branding process

Websites: Is your website working well for your users? How can you improve it?

Tool: View your website performance against a competitor and understand what factors are important

SEO: Understand your ranking potential

Tool: Check your Domain Authority – a measure of your online presence – and learn how you can increase it

Mobile websites and Apps: Discerning some differences in what can be achieved with apps and mobile websites

Tool: Find out whether you need an app, or if your goals can be achieved using a well-built mobile website

Email Marketing: Is email marketing worth investing in anymore, or has it had its day?

Insight: See email conversion rates for your sector

Social Media: How can various social media channels be leveraged to work for your business?

Tool: View interesting facts about your Twitter account as just one area of your Social Media presence

The Campaign

During the development of the campaign, we set about planning all of our promotional material for each galaxy so that they could be launched on a weekly basis. We decided to promote across social media, email, and also through the post.

It is so easy for promotional material to get lost amongst masses of content. We wanted to make ours stand out, no matter what channel it was on. On Twitter, we decided to use GIFs each week to add a little flare to our marketing efforts. On our first week, we even added a rocket taking off to one of our GIFs to fit in with our Space theme.

We also wanted to make our postal promotion stand out, on the backs of each we showcased part of each galaxy, which could be assembled like a puzzle. Each week acting as a piece to complete the Digital Space Universe!

The results: Pros

After the campaign had run its course we collectively reviewed the results, good and bad. Evaluating the campaign was just as important as planning and executing it.  Here are our top positive takeaways:

  • We’ve developed some neat tools that provide users with insight into their existing marketing
  • The facts and figures help to explain how well-targeted marketing can really impact a business’ bottom line
  • Our prototyping, design, development and testing processes have stood up well to a project with lots of moving parts
  • The resulting website is an example of great design and interaction and gives us a re-usable marketing tool to dip into for each channel
  • Response to the site has been good, and we’ve received commissions from new and existing clients as a direct result

The results: Cons

We embrace our failures, they’ll only make us better and more strategic next time.

  • Took the whole team a lot of effort – the scale of the project was very big
  • Internal projects often take a back seat, it takes real effort to keep them on track alongside fee-paying projects
  • As this was our own project, it was hard to prevent “feature creep” as we had so many ideas we wanted to implement


From completing this campaign, we wanted to share a few key takeaways we’ve learnt ourselves over recent months.

  • Don’t undertake internal projects lightly – treat them as you would any client project with fixed timescales and scope
  • Try to understand cost/benefit before you start – Set goals and try to achieve them
  • See it through to the end! It’s hard to prioritise but when you get the results you were hoping for it will all have been worthwhile

Speaking for all of our team, this campaign was certainly a challenge, but an enjoyable one. We’ve got a really great informative website out of it which we’re very proud of. If you would like to visit one of our digital marketing galaxies yourself, what’s stopping you?

Explore Digital Space!

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