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Becca’s Hype: F8 Roundup

Hello there! We’re all back from a very sunny bank holiday weekend and have quite a few social media updates for you.

Before we get stuck into the juiciest updates for this week, it’s worth mentioning that Twitter is encouraging users to change their passwords. There’s been no breach or misuse of passwords (that we know of) but a bug in the system meant that passwords were being stored in an unmasked internal log. Uh oh! Not ideal. So, as Twitter put it, out of an abundance of caution, change your Twitter password!

F8 Roundup

In case you didn’t know, every year Facebook holds a two-day conference for developers and businesses to see what’s next in store on Facebook. We’ve picked out our favourite announcements from the conference.

Facebook Dating

Perhaps not expecting to hear this? Facebook is adding a whole new string to their bow for by letting users create a dating profile. You’ll be matched with others based on your activities across the site, and can then chat away to your heart’s content.

After the announcement,’s share price took a nasty dip. Oops!

Clear Your History

Since the recent privacy scandals surrounding Facebook, it seems only right that the company incorporates this new feature. You’ll now be able to clear your search history on the site, much like how you can delete your cookies from the browser. Sure, this means your Facebook experience won’t be as personalised to you as it could be, but right now giving users the choice is the main priority.

3D Photos

Imagine if you could capture your memories in 3D? Well, Facebook claims that by this summer you’ll be able to do just that! Facebook is launching 3D Photos where you’ll be able to use your phone to capture just that, a 3D Photo. We’re very excited about seeing more updates on this!

Sharing Stories From Other Apps

Facebook is making it easier to share updates to your Stories (Facebook or Instagram) from other apps such as Spotify and SoundCloud. This is to first make it easier than the current methods people use, such as taking a screenshot and then uploading this to Stories, but it also made me wonder if Facebook had been inspired by the short-lived Vero app. Remember that? When everyone frantically downloaded the new social media app? One of its selling points was that it encouraged you to share updates on books you were reading, films and music, so maybe, just maybe, this is why Facebook incorporated the change.

That’s all for this week’s hype! Be sure to follow us on social @basecreative, and we’ll see you around next week!

Becca Holloway

Becca Holloway

Social Media Consultant

Becca is a social media consultant at Base Creative and has coordinated Sharing Social London meet-ups since launching in early 2018.

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