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Becca’s Hype: Facebook Needs A Helping Hand

This week Facebook gets a helping hand from Instagram, as well as trying out some very colourful tests...

Facebook get Instagram’s help to hide what a failure Stories were

We all know how popular Facebook Stories are, right? You’ve probably noticed that there’s always this empty space at the top of your newsfeed. Very few users have engaged with Facebook Stories, presenting them with a bit of a problem. How are they going to make this not look like an epic fail? Well, the answer lies with Instagram. Instagram Stories (copied from Snapchat) are very successful on the platform, with 250 million daily users, and now, Instagram are actually testing the ability to share your Stories directly to Facebook. Yep, cross posting between the two networks. So what exactly does this mean? Well, now your Instagram audience has a huge opportunity to expand as you’ll be on not one but two platforms. This is great news for those looking to increase their reach.

Ready for it?

Twitter Storms on the horizon

I don’t know about you, but I love a good Twitter thread, and it’s going to become a lot easier to write them. Currently the way to write a thread is to just tweet and then reply to yourself. This is all very well, but can become a little messy if the thread is very long. Turns out, Twitter has already built a feature, but not yet officially launched, a way for all of us to tweet threads to our heart’s content. Right now, this is being coined as a Twitter Storm. It’s been sighted on Android by a user called Devesh Logendran and looks to be pretty cool. Twitter haven’t released anything on the matter as of this point in time, but I’m sure we can expect to hear news of this soon! I think a lot of Twitter users will be eager to use this feature, I know I will be!

Real names only, please

Perhaps not a social media platform you’re familiar with, Weibo is a popular Chinese microblogging site with 340 million users. It’s very similar to Twitter, however, after new government rules put in place, users have been given a one-week warning to provide their real name. New rules have been brought in by the government in China to restrict anonymous online conversation. This is part of an ongoing effort towards censorship and may prove to send Weibo into a downward spiral, as many would rather quit the platform instead of giving their real name.

Can you imagine if everyone in the UK had to provide their real name for social media services?

Facebook tries out jazzy test for comments

There’s been lots of chatter recently surrounding Facebook’s new design. Some love it, some hate it. The platform is moving towards a much more simple design with fewer colours. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that Facebook is going to turn into a miserable place. Recent tests taking place have shown that Facebook is experimenting with coloured comments. Screenshots of the test show comments with loud, vibrant background colours, sure to catch the attention of readers. This could be a way of jazzing up the user experience on Facebook. We could see a free for all, or perhaps colours will be used for certain types of comments, think categorization. Chances are this is just a test, but wouldn’t be cool if this was to roll out to all users?

Red, green, and purple Facebook comments
Image via Evert Groot

Until next time!

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Becca Holloway

Becca Holloway

Social Media Consultant

Becca is a social media consultant at Base Creative and has coordinated Sharing Social London meet-ups since launching in early 2018.

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