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I Have a Problem with Twitter Stickers

Twitter. I’m annoyed at you and I don’t want to be.

I love Twitter. I spend my journey to and from work on Twitter. I catch up on news, I talk to friends, I connect with new people. I’ll share things I love on Twitter, photos I’ve taken, YouTube videos, inspiring articles. But never have I ever sat there and decided I need to put a sticker on a photo, via Twitter.

What on earth am I rambling about?

Twitter stickers. This shiny new toy Twitter are showing off to users everywhere. Want to upload a photo to Twitter, go ahead, but why not pop some stickers on too? Did you know, they also work as a visual hashtag? Wow. Because I’ve obviously been waiting all my life for that update, haven’t I?

Maybe I’m not one to post many images to Twitter, and when I do they’re not really ‘funny’ ones I might want to decorate. You know what I use when I want to add stickers or decorations to an image? I use Snapchat. Snapchat already does this, and it does it well. They’ve recently expanded it so you can also include Bitmojis of yourself which are suited to every occasion. The whole sticking emoji on your face thing though is definitely not a new concept. Why is everyone copying Snapchat?

I did a little comparison test with my pet cactus at work, and here’s what I found.

Snapchat vs Twitter decorations

Left: Snapchat Right: Twitter


This photo looks very dull, I am well aware. Hats off to Twitter for having a wider variety of filters. But let’s take a look at the Snapchat decorations. I’ve added a top hat emoji, some googly eyes, a moustache and a snail, who I’m going to call Bob.


Heading over to Twitter now. I gave my cactus a top hat (the exact same as Snapchat), some eyes (exactly the same as Snapchat), a moustache (different), and oh look, there’s Bob the snail again!

I’ve managed to produce exactly the same end result on Twitter, that I have on Snapchat. Twitter has a prettier filter, sure, but the stickers are exactly the same. Minus the moustache.

What irritates me about this straight up copying of a feature from another social media app, is the fact that Twitter have got so many other things they could, and in my view should be working on first.

I wish that before Twitter started copying gimmicks from competitors they would work on making the Twitter community a safe and enjoyable environment for all users. Instead of talking about extending twitter character count to 10,000, which nobody really asked for, do something which will actively benefit users. It took Ghostbusters’ star Leslie Jones leaving the site entirely due to ‘vicious attacks on Jones’ race and gender’ before Twitter finally took some action and removed those malicious accounts. Why should Twitter be celebrating the launch of some stickers, which are already available elsewhere, when they’ve got a serious problem to deal with.

I’m referring to behaviour that should not be permitted on the website, trolling, bullying, verbal abuse, and harassment, to name a few. That’s what Twitter should be focusing on. Stick a sticker on that.

Becca Holloway

Becca Holloway

Social Media Consultant

Becca is a social media consultant at Base Creative and has coordinated Sharing Social London meet-ups since launching in early 2018.

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