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Our Predictions for 2017

With 2017 now in full swing, we wanted to write some predictions about what we think might happen this year. In 2016, voice search began to really take off, everybody copied Snapchat, and Facebook presented us with more fake news than we knew what to do with. Let’s hope this year isn’t full of more of the same!

Fifty Years From Now

Recently at Base Creative, we have been talking a lot about Voice Search, Facebook, and the increasing popularity of Voice Assistants.

Hey Siri, who else is listening?

When many people place their phone on a table, they put them face down. Why? Because they don’t want you to see messages from their friends, family or secret lover.

Website speed matters!

With the rise of new technology and as mobile phones rule our daily lives the way we consume websites is ever changing. One of the most important aspects of your website at this point in internet history is making sure it performs well across all devices.

My DuckDuckGo Investigation

With Google being so prominent in the land of search engines, it’s hard to imagine anyone new coming along and doing a good job. Well, this could be where DuckDuckGo comes into play.