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This Christmas, we’re donating £1,000 across three charities we work with

This Christmas, Base Creative is donating to three charities on behalf of our clients: The Turing Trust, Befrienders Worldwide, and Glitch.

There are so many opportunities for businesses to amplify the good in the world. That includes helping our clients as they lead the way in smart energy, employee-ownership and biotechnology.

Each Christmas, however, we look for ways to help others outside of our everyday work. In 2005, we launched the Work With Us programme to provide pro-bono digital marketing services to London-based charities. Since 2019, we’ve promoted our charity partners with our annual Christmas campaigns. 

For our 2023 Christmas Campaign, we are donating £1,000 across three of the charities we have done pro bono work for this year. Each of our clients will be receiving a present chosen by one of our team members. Each present also comes with information about the three charities we’re donating to this year: Glitch, Befrienders Worldwide and The Turing Trust. By following a QR code or visiting, each client will be able to choose the charity that they would like their portion of the £1,000 to go towards.

Here are the charities we are donating to this year, and the work they do. 

The Turing Trust

For every reused computer installed in a secondary school, 18 students gain the chance to gain IT skills. With that one opportunity, 20% more students gain university places and increase their prospective income by an average 39%. Founded by Alan Turing’s family, The Turing Trust is a charity which has provided over 169,000 students with the chance to gain IT skills.

By installing donated IT equipment in schools across Africa, Asia and the UK, The Turing Trust has had a huge social and environmental impact, saving over 4,200 tonnes of carbon. That’s the same as powering over 1000 UK homes for a year, or planting over 10,600 trees. We partnered with The Turing Trust in 2019. In that time we have helped them gain remarkable growth in their conversion rates, 20% of which now come from a Google Ads campaign set up by Base Creative.

Find out more about the Turing Trust.

Befrienders Worldwide

Over 700,000 people die by suicide every year according to the World Health Organisation. For every death there are an estimated twenty attempted suicides. People in need require easy access to support – in their timezone and language – so that they can be listened to in confidence and without prejudice as soon as possible. 

For over 10 years, Base Creative has been working in partnership with Befrienders Worldwide, an international charity dedicated to providing support to those in need of suicide prevention helplines. Since 2012 the charity has grown to encompass 349 emotional support centres across 32 countries, with 25,000 volunteers providing support to an estimated 7 million people each year.

Find out more about Befrienders.


Glitch is a specialist charity committed to ending the abuse of women and marginalised people online through educational workshops, training, reports and programmes, each designed to make the online world a safer space for everyone.

The charity was founded by Seyi Akiwowo, who became the youngest black female councillor in East London at age 23, after her own experiences with online abuse. They work with large organisations like BT to advise them on their anti-online social abuse policies and more.

Find out more about Glitch.

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