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Share the Love: How we ended 2022 on a high

Our 2022 Christmas Campaign connected clients to three of our fantastic charity partners: Befrienders Worldwide, Glitch and the Turing Trust.

In 2005 Base Creative launched the Work With Us Programme, providing pro-bono digital marketing services to one London-based charity every year.

As our agency grew, so did the programme, becoming a budget set aside to provide pro-bono services to multiple charities, chosen based on our ability to have the greatest impact. 

Since 2019 we have promoted these charity partners as part of our annual Christmas Campaigns. This has involved donating directly to our partners, as well as taking the valuable opportunity to increase their visibility and connect them directly to our clients.

The theme for Base Creative’s 2022 Christmas Campaign was #ShareTheLove.

We began with a commitment to donate £1,000 across three of the charities we have worked with over the past year. To connect some of our clients with these charity partners, we sent them Christmas gift boxes. Each gift box contained four smaller boxes.

Three of the boxes contained small gifts chosen by members of the Base Creative team, which the recipient could give out to their colleagues:

The final box contained three cards which described each of our charity partners. Each card contained a QR code which allowed these clients to choose which of our partners they would like their portion of our donation to support:

Here are the charities they chose from, and the work they do.

Befrienders Worldwide

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death worldwide. Befrienders Worldwide and its members help hundreds of thousands of people contemplating suicide every year which makes me proud that we are able to offer expertise in increasing the accessibility of support to these who are vulnerable and in need.

Greg mileham, Managing director

Befrienders Worldwide supports people experiencing distress or suicidal thoughts. Since 2012 the charity has grown to encompass 349 emotional support centres across 32 countries, with 25,000 volunteers providing support to an estimated 7 million people each year.

Befrienders launched as an independent charity in 2012, having originally been established in 1974 by Samaritan founder Chad Varah. 

Donations made to befrienders help them to:

  • Improve access to information about suicide and emotional support services worldwide.
  • Provide innovative support and services to the Befrienders Worldwide member centres.
  • Sustain and expand the Befrienders Worldwide global network of emotional support centres.

Find out more about Befrienders Worldwide.


Glitch is a UK-based charity dedicated to ending online abuse and promoting a safer and more inclusive digital world, which is so important in today’s society. We work with them to help raise awareness of the work they do.


Glitch is committed to ending the abuse of women and marginalised people online through educational workshops, training, reports and programmes, each designed to make the online world a safer space for everyone.

The charity was founded by Seyi Akiwowo, who became the youngest black female councillor in East London at age 23, after her own experiences with online abuse. 

We’re heavily researching online abuse, reporting & deleting abuse on our channels as well as actively amplifying opinions and voices that are being silenced. Across all of this we’re closely working with Glitch, a specialist charity ending online abuse who have helped advise us on the issue and specifically with our anti-online social abuse policy. I urge other companies to do the same.

Marc Alleram, CEO of BT’s Consumer Division

Find out more about Glitch.

The Turing Trust

The Turing Trust turn what is considered a waste product into a vital educational tool for kids that lack access to technology. With a small team and a lot of hard work, they make the world a better place on so many levels. I am honoured to have been able to play a small part in helping them realise their mission.


The Turing Trust takes donated laptops, computers and other IT equipment, wipes them of their data, and uses them to improve the IT education of children in Sub-Saharan Africa and the United Kingdom. They have supported over 294 schools and organisations with computers, trained over 910 teachers and saved over 3,500 tonnes of carbon emissions by reusing computers.  

The Turing Trust was set up in 2009 in honour of Alan Turing by his family, providing quality IT resources and training to schools in sub-Saharan Africa. Their vision is a world with technology-enabled education accessible to everyone.

Find out more about the Turing Trust.

More help

To learn more about our charity partners, email me at [email protected].

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