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What is Clubhouse? The breakthrough invite-only audio app

Today I want to dive into all things Clubhouse with you. Not heard of it yet? Well, it’s a new audio-first social media app that could be used to help market your business. At this point, you might be thinking, ‘not another social platform to manage!’ But there are definitely some benefits from getting involved […]

What is Clubhouse?

7 steps to an all-star LinkedIn profile

Out of all the social media channels, LinkedIn makes the most sense when it comes to raising the profile of you and your firm. LinkedIn has more than 722 million users worldwide, with 29 million users in the United Kingdom alone. Out of these, 40% visit the platform daily, and these numbers are rising fast. […]

7 LinkedIn Tips

6 simple steps to boost your LinkedIn presence

If you’ve clicked to view this blog that means you have an interest in growing your marketing strategy for LinkedIn but you are perhaps stuck on where to begin. Not to worry! These 6 steps are the bread and butter for what I believe can be incorporated into a successful LinkedIn campaign that will generate the results you are looking for.

A beginner’s guide to TikTok

TikTok is the talk of the town right now. Everyone has something to say about it, whether it be about the latest trends, the most recent controversy, or how to advertise on TikTok.

Becca on TikTok

Buying art via Zoom

When lockdown started, many people and organisations that relied on in-person experiences to trade, came to a standstill. But not Matt Jukes.

glass building window