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Your 2023: digital marketing in the year ahead

Our team recently discussed the changes and trends they expect our clients to experience this year across the worlds of search, social media, analytics and content marketing. I have compiled their insights here, along with the reasoning behind each prediction. Search Google’s criteria for judging search results underwent significant changes in late 2022, with huge […]

Blessing or curse: what does AI really mean for content marketing?

AI is the talk of the town – these days you can’t swing a virtual cat without hitting someone discussing the latest and greatest in artificial intelligence. That first sentence was generated by ChatGPT with the prompt “a funny, colourful turn of phrase about how everyone is talking about AI these days” and I’ve got […]

How TikTok promotes ESG to the leaders of tomorrow

Content focused on environment, sustainability and governance (ESG) concerns used to be seen as a stuffy box-ticking exercise. Why is it then that over the last five years ESG has seen a 1150% increase in interest across social media? What changed?  Just a few years ago there was no question that LinkedIn was the preferred […]

What Twitter’s acquisition means for your ad campaigns and organic social

There’s no escaping it: Twitter is undergoing some huge changes. Elon Musk’s $44 billion buy-out has already seen mass firings, resignations and radical new features introduced, including an $8 subscription model which verifies users and impacts their ability to be targeted by ads. By the time you are reading this there will have undoubtedly already […]

Thought leadership: putting your team’s expertise on your clients’ radars

“Thought leadership” has become an essential part of B2B marketing. With Google’s helpful content update, it’s more important than ever for your organisation’s team members to be producing high-quality, informed content in their areas of expertise.  Articles, LinkedIn posts, blogs, videos – all of this comes under the umbrella of thought leadership. Thought leadership can […]

Honest content: how to make your marketing feel authentic

Ironically, encouraging authenticity can lead to content which appears less authentic. The word “authentic” can be misinterpreted as meaning “emotional”, “personal” or simply “fun”. How do you make content that feels “honest”?  Failed attempts at authenticity often lead with an appeal to the personal – “you can trust me because of the internal emotional factors that […]

Should marketing managers still use Instagram?

When Instagram’s Adam Mosseri appears on social media feeds, his message is rarely received well.  The CEO’s most recent video has been criticised by top social media influencers, drawing disapproval from Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigan and Kylie Jenner to name a few. Mosseri’s videos, usually explaining Instagram’s future trajectory, don’t just have big implications for […]

5 ways you can upgrade your social media recruitment campaign

When it comes to recruiting new employees, social media can be one of the most important tools in your business’ arsenal if you know how to use it. In 2021 over 95% of jobseekers used social media on their search. However, simply using social media to promote job vacancies won’t be enough if you want to […]

Hashflags: What are they and should I care?

Hashflags! Is this yet another social media ‘thing’ we need to care about, learn about and incorporate into our social media strategy? Thankfully, for most of us, the answer is ‘no’. However, to keep you informed and ‘in the know’ just in case your newly hired social media manager mentions hashflags in the next marketing […]

Building your TikTok toolkit

Creative techniques to level up your TikTok content TikTok is one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the world, expected to reach 1.5 billion users by the end of 2022, 13 million of whom are in the UK. Many businesses still find this relatively new platform intimidating and there are more than a […]